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The firm of Hädrich with its place of business in Solingen (in the Rhineland, between Cologne and Düsseldorf) looks back on 75 years of experience in craftsmanship.

A short survey oh the history of our family business


1934  Foundation of the firm by Werner Hädrich, master electrician,

         in Weimar.


1960  Move to Düsseldorf.


1972  Separation of business lines:

         Günter Hädrich extends his buniness in Langenfeld where he

         concentrates on his priortiy programme, namely, the sales an service

         of electrical machines for the treatment an maintenance of flooring.

         Base trader for the firms of Numatic, Fein, Wolff, etc.

         Master business for machines an services


1989  Expansion of the firm. Frank Hädrich, electrical engineer,

         starting into the family business.

         Move to Leichlingen.

         Günter Hädrich develops and improves an adapter system for parquet

         machines. What had first been a system of rolls and brushes developed

         for Lägler parquet machines only, was now refined on to be adaptes to

         a majority of well-known parquet machines on the market.


         In adition to this, a variety of special tools have been developed for

         different types of floor machines.


         Parquet producers from Solingen an Haan have assistes us in our

         development work as expert consultants.

         The brush rolls which are meanwhile being marketed in Germany and

         abroad have passed a series of elaborated tests on differnet kinds

         of wood and wooden floors. The brush rolls are produced in a brush

         factory especially for us.


2021 Move to Solingen.


Günter Hädrich

Günter Hädrich

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