Brushing an cleaning of wooden terraces

Refurbishing an maintenance of wooden outdoor terraces.

Our adapter system has proves outstandingly effective in the cleaning of outdoor wooden boards.


The cleaning of Bangkirai an other kinds of wood may cause some problems due to the fact that during the process of brushing noxious substances can be released from the wood an get into the substructure of the terrace or into swimming pools, garden or park grounds under the terrace.


An ideal solution of the problem is our parquet machine which is equiped with a vacuum device that takes up any dust and dirt produced during the cleaning process.


This is what you must do:

Put the brush roll (nylon brush) on to the parquet machine an drive the machine over the terrace. The dirt and dust particles are taken up into the filter bag.


For the cleaning of edges, corners and steps, a number of accessory parts are available.


A subsequent special surface treatment will make your wooden terrace look as good as new in no time!