The demand to structure already laid even floors or rework of structured floors has raised incredibly!


The purchase of new machines is very expensive, that is why we have developed the adapter System and according rollers and brushes to convert the existing machines. And this by a simple action!


Brush roller steel/ brass abrasive roller nylon

The wood structure ist plastically worked out thanks to the special roller. The steel bristles brush out the softer annual rings and the harder wood remains. This process lets the wood artificially age. The natural process gets accelerated by the mechanical work. This effect can be boosted by following surface treatment.


Slip ground, plank pattern or stick parquet, solid or multi-laid, oak, pine or another wood type - structured floors are "in". 


Also for wall and corner areas the correct brushes and machines!

Structured floors, transparent or coloured, hardwaxoiled just appear wonderful!